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Artist Setup Info - TideFest Fine Arts & Crafts Celebration

Tidefest 2018 Artist Registration Information

Vendor applications for Tidefest (December 2 - 3, 2018) are Now CLOSED!

Tidefest 2018 Artist Applications were open from February 1st - May 31st, 2018.

Artists click here to check the status of your submission.

Confirmed Artists may pay their vendor fees here: Vendor Payment Website

DO NOT PAY Unless you have received confirmation from Tidefest that you have been accepted for Tidefest 2018.

Tidefest is a 'Fine Arts and Crafts Festival', that only features handcrafted items for sale.
Commercially manufactured or imported items are not allowed at the festival.
If your products/artwork/other items for sale are not handcrafted, please do not apply to sell here, as your s... Read More

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Campus Map - Vendor Loading Instructions

This is a map of the Gig Harbor High School campus and parking lots. You may use this map to find out how to get to the proper door for vendor loading on Friday night.

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Tidefest 2018 Artist Arrival Time Schedule

Download the PDF setup times document, showing the arrival times for each of the artist groups.

Groups: Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, Orange, Pink.

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Tidefest 2018 Artist Booth Layout

Layout of the Main and Auxilliary Gym room artist booths.

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